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, thundershowers in houston. chicago snow. had temperatures by this afternoon, chilly low to mid- 50s across the bay area. and then that chance of rain continues once again into saturday clearing for sunday another slight chance of rain for monday. >>> discouraging news for parents wanting to adopt russian children. president vladimir putin is banning all adoptions by russian parents. cbs 5 reporter grace lee on the youngest victims of an international tug of war. >> our children are very much so excited for having a baby brother. we is the up his room together. >> reporter: the fong family spent the holidays with their two biological children nathan amend cameron and their siberian adoptee from two years ago and they were hoping for another addition for the family from russia in the coming year. >> this is our crib for our son. >> reporter: they are just one of hundreds caught in a international political showdown. president vladimir putin was defiantly saying he planned to sign the ban on adoptions to the u.s. the country's legislative branch had just passed the bill unanimously. this was
showers. temperatures in the upper 50s. across the country 73 degrees in houston, 48 and cool in denver, 45 degrees in chicago. you have some rain in new york 54 degrees. around the bay area, we'll keep those temperatures mainly in the 50s and couple of low 60s. the next few days may watch the weather settle down a bit. frosty temperatures tonight and tomorrow night very cold. but then stormy weather could make a return on thursday staying unsettled and possibly wet right into the weekend. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a group of fishermen in santa cruz make it off their sinking boat in santa cruz alive. six men set sail yesterday when their 18-foot boat started taking on water. they called for help, took an hour for rescuers to find them. everybody on board made it out safely and uninjured. >>> more bay area headlines. the san francisco deputy accused of robbing a bank will be back in court today. police say that phillip tonge held up a bank of america branch in the richmond district in november. he allegedly handed the teller a note saying he was armed. investigators used video to id
, snow there, new york, houston, seeing some rain showers, delays are still very likely across the country if you are heading home after the holidays. pinpoint forecast for later on today seeing a lot of 50s, low it mid-50s for the most part.52 in fremont. 54 los altos. east bay numbers similar story, antioch and brentwood chilly in the 50s. low 50s in pleasant hill and walnut creek. 54 in berkeley and alameda. over the next several days, here's the forecast. dry break for today and then unsettled weather returns friday afternoon into saturday. drying out for now sunday through new year's day so if you have any new year's eve plans shouldn't be bad to hit the town. wednesday things wet again. the rain showers return. so check the roads all across the bay area, we have a couple of new fender-benders right now westbound 580 approaching 680 the dublin interchange. i cannot see it in this traffic camera, but apparently it was cleared right to the right shoulder right in this area where our camera is so a little bottleneck in the area, maybe the drive time picked up a few minutes be
york and a chilly 46 degrees. 79, mostly cloudy in houston and 53 mostly cloudy in denver. around the bay area, i think the worst we'll see is a couple of patches of dense fog this morning and by the afternoon a few passing high clouds. otherwise we are going to look at a lot of sunshine in between and the temperatures not too bad, 60s in san jose. 61 in milpitas and east bay running in the 50s and low 60s and in the central bay, temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s too and the weekend looking better. temperatures mid-60s by sunday. maybe even a little bit warmer into monday. then slight chance of showers by the middle of next week. gianna franco you're big on the metal stuff. >> i'm a metallica stuff. i'm excited to see that they are part of the new millennium and social media. >>> jumping over to the freeways, good stuff as well. slight delays as you work your way westbound 580. on the flip side eastbound we have reports of construction still so we're seeing a bit of a back up as you work your through that area. not too far from there, we have reports of a hit-and-run accident
to see rainy conditions in houston, chicago, and new york city. >>> thank you. in your world this morning, a u.s. military member was killed yesterday while rescuing a colorado springs doctor kidnapped by the taliban. insurgents captured dr. joseph on wednesday outside kabul. he was e working for a missionary group in the area. president obama and leon panetta are praising the operation and the service member killed for their efforts. >>> protesters continue to demonstrate outside the presidential palace in cairo. opponents are calling for a boycott of the constitutional referendum scheduled for saturday. the constitution was pushed through without input from any group other than the islamics. >>> the noble committee chairman is presenting the the prize in oslo hall. the european union was this year years winner for its work fostering peace. >>> john mcafee says he wants to return to the united states. mcafee is accused o of killing his neighbor in beliz. >> our intent is to return to america and settle down to whatever normal life we can settle down to under the circumstances. >> he answ
in houston. about 52 degrees a few clouds into denver. 48 in chicago. mostly sunny and 48 degrees in new york. let's time out this next storm. mostly clear today. tomorrow looks like a chance of showers. the main low off the coast. so most of the moisture going to skirt the coast. so yeah, looks like just kind of a swing as it moves right on by the bay area and then it moves out of town but more rain expected as we get into saturday and sunday. temperatures expected to be in the 50s all around the south bay today and along the coastline. 50s into the east bay as well and as you get inside the bay, we'll keep those temperatures cool, mainly into the 50s. next couple of days looks like back to an active and possibly wet weather pattern. not only tomorrow, but right into the weekend. and well into next week, guys how about that? >> we'll take it. >>> if this story if it wasn't so serious it may make you laugh a bit but the reality is, this mystery go-kart driver is putting himself and others in danger. watch as the driver avoids spinning out in oncoming traffic on one of sydney's busiest roads a
degrees in houston. 40 in denver. you have snow and then some rain into chicago. rain in new york and 47 degrees. here's the latest on our futurecast as you will see the system sliding through the bay area moving very, very slowly. then the rainfall especially overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. then the next couple of days. right through the weekend. finally dry on discrimination. >>> the insurance institute for highway safety gave the 2012 prius and camry poor ratings. but toyota is on track to overtake gm as the world's largest automaker. the camry is this year's number one selling family sedan. >>> part of an exchange program empowers the middle school children and the group they are helping making it a truex change. that's what makes saint mark's this week's "cool school." >> i tried this one. this one is good. >> reporter: natalie and kayla don't intend the same school but they are still good friends. >> we like the same bands and the same books and we are similar. >> reporter: they met in an exchange program, a resource center serving marin's immigrant population. they he
are gone. >> reporter: near houston a tornado destroyed buildings and tore down power lines. this woman and her husband couldn't get away in time. >> we don't leave because the truck was off the ground. it wouldn't go. finally it touched the ground and we took off. >> reporter: damage from a tornado in pearl river, mississippi, stretched a mile wide and 8 people were taken to the hospital. ted williams' family was home celebrating christmas when it hit. >> went into the laundry room and sat down. >> reporter: further north a massive snowstorm is the problem. snow and ice covered the roads in oklahoma. >> got my chains on. i'm probably the only one with chains on driving around going 5 miles an hour. >> reporter: the storm is pick up steam as it heads through arkansas into the midwest. within those warning areas blizzard conditions are expected over the next 24 hours or so. tomorrow there could be up to a foot of snow in many parts of new england. edward lawrence for cbs news, washington. >>> a messy commute in the sierra, whether people wanted to ski or visit family, they all got stuck
across the country. houston expecting thunderstorms there, cold in denver. a chance you can see a couple of snow flakes there. also a little bit of snow in chicago and new york. you could expect some delays. >>> here we go with the latest on our future cast model. a couple clouds leftover from the storm system. things winding down a little bit by the afternoon. here come the clouds on christmas day clouding things up through the morning. tomorrow toward the afternoon more rain in the bay area. not as strong as the last series of storms that moved through. if you're headed outside, you might want to grab a jacket. highs in the low 50s toward the nap pa valley, about 55 degrees in fran, and about 55 degrees in liver mother. the next few days it looks like the return of rainfall on christmas day. a chance of showers continuing wednesday. maybe a leftover shower on thursday. dry weather returns on friday. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. >>> outside things are overall looking pretty food on this monday morning, christmas eve. not much of a commute. a couple of accident
into the 70s in houston with mostly cloudy skies, 50s in denver, 47 chicago, clear in new york at 45. starting out with patchy thick fog early on should give way to sunshine and a few clouds by the afternoon but dry weather all around the bay area. watch out traveling in the central valley through the next few days seeing dense tule fog there, as well. 50s and 60s into the south bay and 50s and 60s into the east bay maybe cool in some of the spots where it takes a while longer for the fog to clear. good news though we are staying dry not only today but friday and saturday and over the weekend, those offshore winds kick in. sunshine all the way to the coastline. maybe even some mid-60s, maybe upper 60s if we're lucky toward sunday and monday. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. i like that forecast, lawrence. >>> a positive sign in the "fiscal cliff" negotiations. president obama and house speaker john boehner have spoken on the phone. the president also met yesterday with ceos of some of the nation's largest companies hoping to convince them of the need of higher tax rates on
patriots just put a head banging on the houston texans. tom brady threw for almost 300 yards, 4 touchdowns including a play where it popped lose but they score anyway. they destroyed the best team so- called in the nfl last night. patriots won 42-14 over the texans. >> the texans' record was -- >> 11-1. they're now 11-2. braidcy is amazing. >>> 5:25 right now. thousands of squid storming bay area beaches. >> what could be behind this mysterious phenomenon on the coast. >> we're following breaking news in hayward. a family without a home. others evacuated after this apartment caught on fire early this morning. what one neighbor says she saw before that fire started. >>> first, a pipe bomb blew up a mailbox. now one is found near a school. the scary chain of events in an east bay suburb. ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] there's chicken and there's juicy chicken best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear best foods. bring out the best for strong beautiful hair. -it turns out... -we were working at... at the wrong end
on thursday. heading out clear, cold, high, 52. no cloud cover to keep us warm this morning. houston cloudy, 77. a lot of rain and snow out in denver, 23 degrees there. chicago and new york partly to mostly cloudy skies. pinch point forecast a whole lot of 50s around the bay area 53 in concord. mid-50s by the afternoon in oakland. 52 in san francisco. more sunshine and things change or thursday. more clouds roll in because of the low pressure system we just showed you. things unsettled through the weekend. monday and tuesday in time for christmas, it looks like we dry out. that's a check of your weather and seven-day forecast. for more on traffic, here's gianna. >> let's enjoy these dry roads, as well. starting to see a backup at the bay bridge. no metering lights slow in the cash lanes. fastrak users though seem to be moving okay through the bay bridge. jumping to our maps right now checking our eastshore freeway commute to the bay bridge toll plaza clocking at nice speeds 6555 miles per hour westbound 80 not too bad. traffic moving nicely there at 65, 55 miles an hour. no delays approachi
in houston. got a mix of rain and snow in chicago and rainy conditions in new york with temperatures in the mid-50s. we are seeing a lot of 50s here, as well. once again 55 in oakland by this afternoon. 53 in san francisco. 52 in napa. right now it's only 34 degrees. so here's your forecast over the next couple of days. once again, we have two really cold days here. we have today and then we have tomorrow. and then look at thursday. that's when our big change comes. we have another band of rain showers heading our way thursday and it looks like it lasts all the way into the weekend, finally clearing out by monday. that is a check of your seven- day forecast. with more on your traffic conditions, we go to gianna with that. >> all right, elizabeth, thank you very much. well, for commuters who typically take sand hill road in palo alto, we have a closure to report. in fact you're looking at a picture from the palo alto police department. this is sand hill road between el camino real and arboretum. it is shut down due to an accident where a vehicle took out a fire hydrant. this is a dui
area jobs may be heading out of town. chevron corporation plans to move those spots to houston over the next two years. but it plans to keep its corporate headquarters in san ramon. the jobs are mostly technical positions dealing with information and advanced energy technologies and that part of company is based in texas. >>> house speaker john boehner was going to have a vote on his plan b to avert "fiscal cliff." >> one problem: the republicans wouldn't support him on it. lawmakers were set to vote last night but there wasn't enough support. so speaker boehner canceled the vote. he designed the bill to prevent automatic tax hikes at the 1st of the year on people making less than $1 million. boehner says it's up to the president and democrats to make their move. >> i did my part. they have done nothing. >> it's very, very, very unfortunate the republicans have wasted an entire week on a number of pointless political stunts. >> house members are heading out of d.c. for christmas. and when they get back, there will be just four days left to hammer out a deal. >>> time is 5:10. drive
well greeting for president george h.w. bush who remains in a houston hospital. the legendary country group sang by phone to the 41st president at the request of former first lady barbara bush. mr. bush is being treated for several conditions but was moved out of the intensive care unit saturday after his health improved. >> i thought he was more of a dave matthews guy. >> he got out of intensive care unit. >>> 5:53. 150 years after its signing the public is getting a look at the emancipation proclamation. the document aimed at freeing slaves went into effect january 1, 1863 nearly 100 years ago. it will go on public display at the national archives in washington, d.c. tomorrow. when it was exhibited in michigan last year people waited up to eight hours to get a glimpse. >>> final print edition of "newsweek" is now on newsstands, it is now online only. "newsweek" was first published back in 1933 and became the second largest weekly news magazine. a sign of the times. >>> you know those annoying words and phrases you keep hearing from friends and the media? >> yeah. the media. we are a
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